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Dynamic Joomla Website - £150 gets you all this...

Frontpage Slide Show -  A dynamic showpiece 
Requires images to be over 800 pixels.  Limited to 10 images

Image Gallery Application - Easy to use, yet advanced,  great for showcasing headshots, photography images or art work.
We will upload the initial 10 images and create the gallery and tags of your choice.

Video Gallery Application - Just like YouTube - promote your own videos with the social media tags included
We will install and configure your video component and upload your first 5 videos.  Videos are uploaded from youtube. This component can allow your visitors to upload their videos or you can restrict it to your own

Login Module
This allows you to login to the frontend and edit your content.  From this module you can post blogs, articles, videos or edit the content that is already there.

Bio Page
Send us your bio or about us in a document format and we'll upload it to your bio.

Contact Us
Send us your contact information and we will upload it to your contact us page

You have 6 styles to choose from.  6 different color and background options.


Images - should be sent in jpg or png format

Text - should be in doc format

Social Media - please send the entire link

Videos - Youtube links

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